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Brazil Cerrado PB

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Process: Natural 

Variety: Peaberry

Farm: Lazaro 

Altitude: 950 masl

Tasting notes: Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, Date


Lázaro is the pioneer of his family. Initially, coffee cultivation was just a way to diversify his activities, since he was already a businessman in the field of fuels. However, the love of coffee has taken hold and is now both a passion and a full time commitment. To make a high quality coffee the producer follows a principle of perfectionisms of life: whatever you do, do your best. 70% of Lazaro's production is focused on specialty coffees and all this quality comes from the selection of seedlings, varieties, management, harvesting and post-harvest.

Gustavo Ribeiro, Lazaro's son, has the same passion with a specific focus on processing in the incessant search for excellence. Gustavo explains that his connection to coffee was a combination of consequence and passion, since from a very young age he had contact with the crop.

Lazaro Riberio is a producer we have worked with for three years now at Kamba and we are constantly blown away by the profiles he manages to produce. This is a slightly new purchase direction we have taken, collecting the PB coffees from across Lazaro's specialty production and combining them to create this Cerrado PB.